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The Gardener

Updated: Apr 3

The seed becomes planted and begins to produce roots

The strength of the roots determines the stability of the plant when the rain comes and the winds blow

The root system digs deep into good soil for the next season of change

This season of change requires a push through the soil, the leaves that have yet to bear fruit

The deeper the roots, the taller the plant; the taller the plant the healthier it becomes.

The care from The Gardner never plants the same seed again He only moves it from where it out grows for the roots to dig further.

The roots find the Water Source and the leaves reach for the Son, finding its way for the first flower to bud.

The plant is still from One seed form no matter where He tends to move it, being replanted is still a dark place

The roots are in fresh new soil for nourishment to grow.

The bud becomes a bloom and the bloom becomes evident of the fruit it bears.

The winters quickly approaching and it's that time again

The season for change requires a pruning to produce more blooms in the spring.

Moral of the poem:

There's one seed and yet multiplied seasons of pruning.

John 15:1-8

C Mason

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