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Updated: Apr 3

The seed becomes planted and begins to produce roots

The strength of the roots determines the stability of the plant when the rain comes and the winds blow

The root system digs deep into good soil for the next season of change

This season of change requires a push through the soil, the leaves that have yet to bear fruit

The deeper the roots, the taller the plant; the taller the plant the healthier it becomes.

The care from The Gardner never plants the same seed again He only moves it from where it out grows for the roots to dig further.

The roots find the Water Source and the leaves reach for the Son, finding its way for the first flower to bud.

The plant is still from One seed form no matter where He tends to move it, being replanted is still a dark place

The roots are in fresh new soil for nourishment to grow.

The bud becomes a bloom and the bloom becomes evident of the fruit it bears.

The winters quickly approaching and it's that time again

The season for change requires a pruning to produce more blooms in the spring.

Moral of the poem:

There's one seed and yet multiplied seasons of pruning.

John 15:1-8

C Mason

I want to bring to light to the question above. What is it about the fear of failure that keeps us so stuck? How can we get "unstuck" and get up from this fear. Let me share with you some areas that you might be struggling in, because let's be honest, we all do. It's God's word that brings that perfect love that casts out all fear because there's transformation in it!

Let's start with 3

To Feel Let Down - is to have feelings of being: Resentful/Annoyed.

Faith tells us through God's word that when we feel Let Down the Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18. Bishop Dale Bronner stated in one of his messages that to keep remembering the pain of the past instead of letting go causes the feelings of resentfulness. In order to let go we must remember Isaiah 43:18.

To feel Humiliated is another word for Shame - is to have feelings of being made fun of- and when we feel ashamed it's more of an embarrassment. Truth is shame and the feeling of humiliation has been from the beginning when Adam and Eve became disobedient to God. Genesis 2:25.

Faith tells us through God's word that Jesus, for the glory set before Him, despised the shame and endured the cross. And Jesus did that for us so we would no longer have to be separated from God the Father through hiding, fear, and guilt because of our sinful nature. Salvation gives us power, love and a sound mind because that what God's gives us through Jesus.

To Feel Bitter - is to have feelings of being: Offended and Violated/Abused

Faith tells us through God's word that we need to put away all bitterness, anger and malice and instead be compassionate and kind to one another. As well as to forgive one another just as God through Jesus forgave us. No one wants to feel violated. No one wants to be abused and or offended. Jesus does say that offenses will come (Luke 17:1) and it's up to us to decided how we handle those areas. Offense is the result of abuse, and it can be emotional. The root of bitterness is a tough one because in essence we "feel" like we have done something wrong to deserve the offense when God's truth says that to rid the root of bitterness, forgiveness is required. Remember Jesus could have stayed offended, and He could have also called many, many, many, angels to rescue Him from the cross. But GOD because of His love for us, the entire world, Jesus prayed a simple prayer that released Him in God's glory. Right before He hung His head and committed His Spirit to God. Jesus says, "Forgive them Father, for they don't know what they are doing." Luke 23:34

It's the same truth that is spoken of us. We have offended someone in our life somewhere and we too have been offended. We choose to receive God's forgiveness for our sin as we forgive those who sin against us. John 20:23, Mark 11:25.

Many times, this "feeling" of fear of failure is because of unrealistic expectations in life created by a perfection belief system. We can't be perfect, yet we are being perfect-ed to be more Christ- like in our character and habits. Come on, let's go, there's work to do!

You are Not a Failure and there is no need to fear it either because even though.......

Psalm 73:26

My flesh and my heart my fail,

BUT GOD is THE STRENGTH of my heart and my PORTION forever.

There's a Fire within each of us to test and refine us.

There's a Fresh Wind coming to blow away the ashes.

There's a Fresh Rain coming to desert lands waiting to be uncovered, discovered, and delivered from it's strongholds!

Not by power, not by might but by God's Spirit says the Lord!

There's a Fire, a Wind, and a Rain coming that can't be stopped by Human Effort!!

Zechariah 4

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