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What is Grace? What is Mercy? Who is the Holy Spirit? We ask these questions whether we are new believers or seasoned in Christ Jesus. Understanding the character of God, His Glory, Grace, yet we need a deeper understanding of God's Grace, Mercy, and Holy Spirit.

The Grace Gift offers

The Knowledge of God of/is Peace, Hope, and Love

God's Grace, Mercy, and His Holy Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

Study Guide

The enemy would love for you to remain blind to who God is and who you are in God through Jesus Christ. Through The Grace Gift, we have the choice to reach out and accept the gift, not just as a present, but to enjoy His presence.

God's Image For Transformation is for everyone! So many of us see a representation of who God is in a distorted way through the dysfunction we have lived in life. Jesus is the full pure, complete, and certain representation of who God is, and in Jesus we receive the full example to grow in Him to become the mature child of God we need to be!

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Slow down and take time with God!

This Christian Coloring book helps you to renew your mind by the Word of God.

Volume 1, 2 and 3 are available to order!

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I am Enough

Now Available!

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Identity U - Diamond

Ebook now available

Coming Soon...

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